Patriot Golf Day 2018 Success Stories

Below are testimonials from Patriot Golf Day supporters who used our online fundriaisng platform and achieved successful events. We asked them: Why did you use it, how did it help your event and why should others try an online donation page in 2019?

Jimmy Biggs.jpg

Jimmy Biggs

" The online platform for me was a layup from an organizational standpoint.  Prior to using it I was spending a lot of time book keeping trying not to lose everyone's receipts.  Valuable time that I could have been out there focusing on how to raise more money.  Since its inception 2 years ago, the online platform has freed up my teammates and I to focus on being creative with our fundraising efforts.  Being able to link our efforts to our social media makes our reach infinite.  We had just as many donors from outside our area as we did from inside.  Each of our Myrtle Beach Patriots had an individual goal to reach as well as our overall team goal.  We are a great team but we are also competitors and everyone wants to raise more funds than the other.  That is a great recipe for success.  Our donors loved tracking our progress.  In 2018, our group raised just north of $105,000 which brings our 5 year total to $275,000.  More importantly our Myrtle Beach Patriots have directly affected the lives of 55 families who have made the ultimate sacrifice.  We continue to honor their sacrifice by educating their legacy. "

John Allen

Sunset Hills - 5 Star Challenge

How did it help your event?

"The fundraising tool was easy to use! No tracking down people for checks, easy for sponsors to make donations on “first open”, legitimized my request, easy to send thank you note, fun to watch the commitments come in.

Absolutely! Other events should use it!"

Samantha Martin

Sunset Hills - 5 Star Challenge

Why should other facilities use it?

"It is a trustworthy and secure site, and it simplifies the donation process by allowing fundraisers to ask everyone they know to donate to their cause through any digital platform."