Frequently Asked Questions

What is online fundraising and how does a donation page work?

Online fundraising is a way to raise money for Folds of Honor by enlisting the support of your existing network of supporters, members, customers, co-workers, friends and family through an ask via email, electronic newsletter, social media, text and more. Supporters process their donation on your custom built online donation page via credit card.

Does the PGD Online Donation page cost me anything to use?

No, it’s just a simple and effective tool for you to use to collect donations.

How do I register for a team page?

You can either click here and build your own custom page (it’s pretty simple) or contact your Patriot Golf Day Representative, and we will take care of it for you! Click here to contact the Patriot Golf Day team.

My page has been built but I can’t find the custom link in my email help!

No problem, simply visit and click on the ribbon that says, “Find A PGD Online Fundraiser”. Then search for your page using your facility or team name.

Can other people join my online donation page as a team member?

Yes. Once your team page is built with you as a captain, you can share your custom URL link asking for teammates or participants. This helps to further spread awareness and ultimately collect more donations.

What is a captain?

A captain is the first individual to sign up for a donation page. They have a few more administrative rights to the donor database than their teammates but cannot edit any of the verbiage found on the teammates pages.

What happens once someone donates to my page?

When someone donates to your page, you will be notified via email. In addition, your donors will get an email which includes their charitable tax receipt.

Do you have communication templates I can use?

Yes! Within your participant center, you’ll find a tab labeled “Emails”. If you click it, you will find a series of email templates you can use as is or customize to your voice. We also have verbiage and images specific to Facebook, Instagram and text send us a quick email and we’ll get them over to you!

Can supporters donate via cash or check?

Yes, donors can do either. To ensure your online page gets credited accordingly, all you have to do is fill out this short form and mail it in with the cash or check donation. Offline Donation Form.

Do donations have to be processed as a flat amount or can they be processed per hole played?

Great question! Unfortunately, our system only recognizes flat donations. HOWEVER, if you are playing a golf marathon, you can keep track of the supporters who make a pledge per hole played and then reach out for donation collection using this marathon recap template. Or simply tell them you rocked it, how much they owe, and send them your page link for donation processing.

Do you have any online fundraising tips? Yes, here are some suggestions:

Consider making the first donation once your page is set up. Make it an amount that you think your supporters will respond to.

Set a fundraising goal. Supporters like helping you work towards your goal. Sending out an email when you are at 50% of your goal is super motivating and allows everyone to see how their donations are impacting your cause.

Tell a personal story about how you and/or a friend or family have served in the military and why raising money for scholarships means so much to you.

Let people know that educational scholarships are awarded in $5,000 increments but no donation is too large or too small. Every dollar makes a difference!

Set a deadline or time frame for donations. It’s generally easier to raise money with a deadline. It gives a sense of urgency. Of course, you can always make exceptions to the rule if a donor misses the deadline as we never want to turn away a donation.

When you get a donation you will receive a donation alert. We have a special thank you tool to send out an immediate thank you to your donors. This motivates them to give again and makes them feel as though they are making a difference.

Reach out more than once. Email, send campaign updates, and use social networks to ask supporters to give again and to share your link with their friends and family. Remind them of your fundraising goal, where the money is going and what it means to you personally.