How to Enter an Offline Gift

Entering offline gifts for your fundraiser allows you to update your fundraiser's thermometer in real time by accepting cash or checks which you can then send to Folds of Honor later to be deposited and credited towards your fundraiser's overall total donations. Please follow the five steps below to entering an offline gift. If you have any questions about entering offline gifts please email

Step 1 - Login

Please start by logging in to your account via the red login button in the top right.

Step 2 - Navigate to Participant Center

Once logged in, please click My Account in the top right and navigate to Participant Center.

Step 3 - Navigate to Progress Tab

From your participant center homepage, navigate to the progress tab.

Step 4 - Select Page to Add Gift

On the side left menu, please select either your personal page or team page to add the offline gift to. Offline gifts added at the team level will not show up or update the thermometer for your personal page. Offline gifts added to your personal page will show up and update your thermometer on your personal and team page.

Step 5 - Enter Offline Gift Information

After selecting page and clicking enter new gift, a gift entry menu will appear to the left, and you can add your offline gift information then save. Please enter every field marked by a red asterisk. The address and recognition name are optional.

Personal Page:

Team Page: